Reseller Domains and Resell Website Builder

Resell web hosting and earn commissions, or resell direct, with a bigger margin.

Sell domain names and earn commissions. Buy domains for only $23+gst.

Powerful content management and ecommerce tools for you to make your beautiful website designs come to life. Choose the best ecommerce solution for your customers. 

Or create your own online web design business, just like

Earn Commissions or Pay Discounted Prices

  • Resell domains at $29 / year and earn $3+ on every domain sold.
  • Resell web hosting and earn 25% - 50% commission on every site, every month.
  • Or pay $23 for domains and trade prices on hosting, and maintain your own billing relationship with your customers. 

Manage all your aspects of your customers in one place. 

  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • Content Management
  • Shopping Carts
  • Newsletters
  • Events
  • Customer Databases
  • CRM

Fully Customisable

Customising the template design around a content management system has never been easier. Copy and paste your HTML and CSS from any web design tool, upload your photos, add a few tags like [CONTENT] where you want the dynamic content managed content to appear, and you are ready to go. Other tags like [MENU] will insert a common list item menu that can be styled with CSS. It is compatible with most CSS examples on the internet, so you can just copy and paste those too.

Total Website Management Solution

Your webspaces are ready to go right out of the control panel. There are no installation files, configuration files, or updates required. We take care of keeping the CMS upto date with all the latest features and security updates. You can concentrate on your designs and keeping your customers happy, and we will look after you.

You can manage your customers domain names, email accounts, and make them live at your leisure.

Suitable For Non Technical Users

For those who don't have web design skills already can start with one of our template wizards using the integrated website builder. Just upload your own custom banner graphics into the spaces provided. Alternatively, you might like to resell our website builder service as a DIY service to your customers. It's all possible here.