Reseller Services

Resell our CMS and web hosting services as your very own service, rebranded under your own look and feel

eg ISP's, Web Design Companies, Graphics Design Companies, Active Affiliates

  • White labled
  • Direct billing relationship
  • Full administrative access

Our CMS can be rebranded to your companies existing look and feel. Your customers will have no idea who we are. The public side of your interface can have any look and feel you desire. The inside of our CMS will have a similar positional layout, but the branding and colours will be matched to your existing brand.

You will maintain the billing relationship with your customers directly. We will bill you at trade prices similar to those in the affiliate chart above. Rates are subject to negotiation depending on the number of customers, and level of support provided by the reseller or required by the reseller.

Your reseller website space will gain the following functionality, each feature is optional

  • Login page with password reminder
  • Free trial signup
  • Domain registration
  • FAQ Links (Generic unbranded help files)

You will receive full access to all administrative functions equivalanent to our own support staff.

  • Create a new website space
  • Make web site live
  • Take web site offline
  • Register/renew/cancel domain name
  • Search for customer
  • Edit customers website
  • Access to our internal procedures help instructions.

You must dedicate 1 website for your customers to access the CMS. This website may already exist and be promoting your standard business. We will connect all your reseller capabilities to this website. Therefore, this website can never been moved away or cancelled without affecting all your hosting customers.

You will be able to resell domains and provide a domain search function. We will negotiate a trade price for domains, typically around the $22 per year mark. Your customers will receive their renewal notifications from your email address. They will be instructed to pay you directly for domain renewals at a retail price that you determined. You can then complete the registration and renewal of domains via our system at our trade price, or use a third party system, or ask us to do it for you.

You can charge any rate for web hosting, and you can disable the lower priced hosting plans to maximise your margins.

A setup fee of $1000+gst is required to become a reseller. This fee covers the setup of your CMS to match your existing branding. It does not include the creation of branding. We assume you already have a website marketing your business.

A contract must be signed by both parties clearly outlining the expectations of each party. Essentially it contains the information on this page, plus an exit strategy. eg if you don't pay your reseller hosting fees within 30 days, we reserve the right to communicate with your customers to ensure that they do not experience a hosting outage. Equivalently, if you decided to migrate your customers to a new provider, that is your option, however, you cannot take our CMS software with you.

We no longer provide an integrated "customer account bookkeeping" function, and encourage you to use your existing accounting software, or perhaps

If your customer does not pay for web hosting in their last month(s), you may apply for a credit after 90 days for upto 30 days worth of hosting or unused portion if longer hosting plans are used. 

Your duty is to provide direct support to your customers. You can forward those emails onto our support team who will aim for within 4 business hour response time back to you. However, we encourage you to maximise your understanding of our system to provide a better service to your own customers. We will provide free training from our office on an as needed basis. We will endeavor to provide you a better trade price on hosting if our support time is reduced.