Email Accounts

Email accounts are included free with all hosting plans, but they do require a live/paying hosting plan to work.

We have a "placeholder/backup/email" hosting plan for those who just require hosting of 1 mailbox, with an additional fee per additional mailbox. You can have unlimited email forwarding rules for no additional charge. 

The higher the hosting plan, the more email accounts you can have. 

Email Storage Limits

The higher the hosting plan, the more email storage space you can have. The total storage space is shared amongst all mailboxes on a single website, so one mailbox can be really big if the others are small. 

If a customer goes over their storage allocation, then we charge an overage fee. This fee is quite reasonable, and many customers just pay the fee to have a larger mailbox, rather than change to a higher hosting plan. 

Customers can choose to have their oldest email history deleted automatically after 1 or 2 years, to help keep their mailbox to a resonable size. They should have some sort of email archiving enabled on their own private networks or computers. 

Email History Migration

If a customer previously had their email stored on a losing host/registrar, then the customer will need to consider what to do with that email history. 

Can they back it up onto local folders on their computer?  

Are they happy to start fresh with clean email accounts with us as the new provider? 

Or would they like us to migrate their email history to their new email storage location? 

We charge $50+gst for a single mailbox migration, $80 for 2 mailboxes, and $100+gst for 3+ mailbox migrations. 

It is best that we manage the domain transfer process at the same time as a mail migration, to be sure that the customer doesn't have misdirected emails during the DNS changeover. We can complete 

Email Backups

We provide daily incremental email backups of mailboxes. Incremental backups allow us to choose which date to restore from.

This backup is useful for restoring a customers mailbox if they lost or damaged their account. 

Usually we can merge a customers backup into their existing mailbox, so that new email is retained, and co-exists with the restored mail.

Email Support

Our email support is limted to providing the server side service known as IMAP / POP3 / SMTP email. 

We do not provide client side support. Customers should enage an IT professional to help them manage their own computers, software and client side networks. IT professionals are paid an hourly rate to provide a higher level of customer service.  

If we are notified of an email delivery issue, we will investigate server side only. Usually we test the login via webmail, send a test email, and check the logs for deliverability. If all is well, we consider our job is done. 

We do not talk customers through setting up their email account. We can provide templates written instructions, and point you to a help file. Customers can engage an indpendent professional IT person if required

Other Technical Considerations

Our service is standard IMAP / POP3 / SMTP, with SSL options.

We automatically delete customers trash and spam folders. Some customers should be warned that their trash folder is not an archive.