Migrate Sites

Migrate your existing customers to our awesome websitebuilder and ecommerce platform, or move your existing wordpress / joomla / PHP customers to our awesome PHP hosting platform. 

Wordpress Migration

In order to migrate wordpress sites to our PHP platform, we only need the site's FTP details and a database export. The database export needs to be as fresh as possible, as it can take 1 business day to ensure the new website is good, and deal with DNS propogation delays.

There is no setup fee for migrating websites in bulk to our platform. 

Website Builder / Platform Migration

We can import websites from other platforms if you provide us the database, and the database is in a suitable format. Please contact us with the database and filesystem format, so we can consider it. We would assume that there is a standard format database per site, or one database for all websites. In addition, we would expect there to be a tidy filesystem containing the images, and all etc. 

Hopefully the HTML for each page is in the database, and that the database has tables for page and product etc.

Generally migration will result in 100% maintaining SEO meta tags. 

Generally we would hope to migrate your sites for free to our platform, but it depends on how many sites, and how much work is required. If we can automate the process, then the work is reduced on a per site basis. 

We also have other tools for importing image galleries and product definitions from a range of different platforms. Please enquire for a cost of converting those. 

Domain Names, Email, DNS, etc

Upon completion of site migration, please let us know if you want us to provide you an A-Record for your DNS, or please provide us a UDAI / Authorisation code if you want us to transfer your domain to our registry. 

If we are to manage domain and DNS, then we also need to be aware of email requirements. We can forward email to any external email provider, or we can maintain DNS settings for GSuite, Outlook or Zoho, or similar mail provider. 

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