Reseller Option A

Use this option if you want the easy reseller option, with no financial administration required.

Resell domains and earn $2 commission on each year registered/renewed. Earn 25% to 50% on web hosting fees.

We will manage all the billing requirements for your domains and hosting, and pay you commissions.

You will still maintain the communication relationship with your customers. We will be happy to co-support your customers, or not, as you wish.

Your only commitment to us is to pay for 1 basic hosting plan which will be the website where your customers buy domains, optionally setup trials and login to the CMS.

First Steps (Requirements)

  1. Please first create your own trial web space at
  2. And create your first customers website also using the same free trial service. (use your own email address on signup)
  3. Design your website, and complete your content, so it is ready to go live. 
  4. Complete the following application and we will setup your reseller plan. 

Reseller Option A - Application. 

Business Name:
Business Type:
URL / Primary Website Address:
Trial URL of your Reseller Webspace to be made live:
Please describe your business, and why you want to be a reseller:

I agree to signup at least one customer every 6 months, or revert to RRP pricing.