Reseller Business Plan

Learn how you can start your own web design or web hosting business using the Xoren website builder?CMS. We encourage you start your own businesses selling websites. It is ok to charge people for the time you spend helping them, or doing it for them. Just because we don't charge for DIY, doesn't mean you have to do the work for other people for free.

  1. First locate customers who need a new website, or others who are unhappy with their existing provider. It is good to identify customers in a single industry or geographical region. If you do a good job for them, then they will refer you more business. And as you understand an industry needs more, you will find it easier to sell to others in that industry.
  2. Prepare a quote for your customer, including a margin for the sales lead time, for the time you spend building the site, and a buffer for any changes your customers will inevitably want you to make for them. You should constantly review this quote. As your design skills increase, you can charge for for your services. We encourage you to charge your customers a deposit of 33% before you start any work. This ensures that the customer has a vested interest in a successful conclusion to the project, and that you won't go empty handed if things go quiet.
  3. You have several choices about how you actually go about the setup of your customer website
    • DIY Enthusiast - You can use your own skills and our templates to make a great looking website for your customers
    • DIY Marketeer - You can simply just refer your friends to use our DIY system themselves and then you get a commission for doing very little. An affiliate link on a popular website can be quite beneficial.
    • Professional - If you are a graphics or web designer, then you can do anything with photoshop and HTML using our system
    • Consultant - Just produce one of our standard quotes and then mark up the price.  We often give a discount to consultants with a proven track record. Essentially a consultant is outsourcing, they are just making the sale and clipping the ticket.
  4. For web hosting, you can either become a white labled reseller or an affiliate.
    • If you are an affiliate, then we charge your customer, or you, directly for your customers hosting fees. And you get a 20% referral discount on your account.
    • Or you can become an "white lable reseller", where our CMS is rebranded as your very own product, and we remain invisible to the end customer. In this case, you pay us only 70% of our retail prices, and you can charge your customers directly for whatever you like. The setup fee to become a reseller is only $1000 and it is a one time fee for the reseller (The setup fee is not charged per website, only once, however, you can choose to become a reseller and pay this fee only when you have your first customer in mind and are almost ready to go live).
  5. You may like to charge your customer an ongoing service level agreement (SLA) fee. This fee covers the support time that your customer may seek from you to continue helping with their website. An SLA is a great way to get an ongoing revenue stream. Perhaps consider charging for half or one hour per month. You may also like to charge them for the hosting fee as well to keep things simple for your customer, and then you pay us our hosting fee (less the 20% commission discount)
  6. You may like to review your customer websites after a period of 3 months to see how well it is ranked on google for the chosen keywords. If you have been to our SEO seminar and see an opportunitiy to improve their ranking my changing some text on their home page, then this is another change to upsell your customers.

As you can see, there is a great business opportunity for those who want to use the free website builder. Just because it's free, it doesn't mean you can't make money out of it for your time.

A really active sales person could easily go door to door to businesses demonstrating just how easy it is. By signing each customer onto the free trial using their referral email address, they will lock in the future commissions should those customers ever go live by themselves.