Advanced Web Design Layouts

Our website templates have been designed with both novice and professional designers in mind.

  • A novice user can select a pre designed template, and insert/change graphics and colours
  • A professional user can access the HTML and CSS of any template, and customised it fully. Our templates are not hard coded, and you can easily change all elements.

Dynamic Menu Structures

  • Our CSS list item menus dynamically change as pages are added, removed or moved.
  • Our menus are Search Engine Friendly
  • Our CSS list item menus use industry standard techniques, meaning you can often copy and paste code from CSS menu libraries into our CSS area to design your menu.
  • Multi level menus are suppored
    • Multilevel Horizontal popout menus
    • Multilevel Vertical dropdown menus
    • Split menus, splitting top level menus, from sectional menus
    • Separate category menus
    • Separate directory menus
    • Member Area Menus

Insert dynamic tags for additional features

  • Login boxes
  • Subscribe boxes
  • Search boxes
  • Bread Crumb Trails
  • Social Media links
  • Dynamic Add This/Share This links



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